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Now! There’s no cost to prequalify, so lets work together to correct anything that may come up during the normal underwriting process. We know what the surety companies like to see, and we have ways to address them ahead of time. The last thing you want is to miss out on that dream job because the bond was the last thing you left off the table.

In some cases you can get a bond up to $750,000 on personal credit alone and in less than 24 hours! If your credit isn’t perfect and/or the bond need is over that amount, there are other options, you’ll just need to prepare a bit ahead of time.

That also depends! Smaller, credit approval bonds will range from 2.5-3%. More established contractors should expect to pay as low as 0.5%. In general, the rates will fit somewhere between 0.5-3%.

Why District Bonding?

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Get to the Next Level

Do you want more out of your surety bond? We not only help contractors get the bond they need but also help them build a bond program. Your bond program should meet all your needs and have room for growth. Whether its your first contract bond or you are looking to stretch your bond capacity, we can help!

Bond Program Evaluation

We are happy to provide a free surety bond evaluations for your company. We perform benchmarking reports and can compare you with your competitors in the industry.

SBA Bond Program

Double (or more!) your bond program with SBA Bond guarantee program. Startups and previously declined contractors are welcome. Quick-App bond approvals up to $500,000 on contract bond with only minimal information.

Bonding Education Seminars

We provide bonding education training for contractors all across the United States. Notable courses include surety bond education, proper accounting for your bond program, banking, insurance and managing growth.

In-house Underwriting

We are proud to maintain a $2 million in-house bond underwriting authority for SBA backed bonds, allowing us to make quick decisions on surety bond approvals. We can help with bid bonds or payment bonds and performance bonds.

Partner Resources

We maintain relationships with top-tier trusted advisors in the industry. A good construction-oriented CPA, banker, insurance agent and attorney can be the difference between getting a contract bond approved or declined.

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