District Bonding was founded under a simple principle: build trust with our clients through sound advice and education. In doing so, we will help our clients grow their bonding capacity and in turn, achieve their business goals, whatever they may be.

The owners, Edin Zukanovic and Joshua Etemadi, bring with them over 30 years of combined surety experience.

Your Trusted Advisor

The Our tag line, ‘Your Trusted Advisor’ is inspired by the book, The Trusted Advisor. We believe that in order to build trust with a client, you must do more than instill confidence in your abilities. You must constantly do the right thing, strive for improvements in customer service, avoid your ego, show your commitment to the community, and recognize that trust is something that is very personal which can take time to build. We believe that these relationships don’t happen overnight, but when they are built, they last for a lifetime.

Bond Brothers

Josh (left) and Edin (right) met in 2006, at a college job, prior to getting into the surety industry and quickly became friends. As they later found out, they were both going to the same school and pursuing the same degree at the same time.

Edin accepted an internship with a bond agency in 2007 and passed on Josh’s resume, where he later accepted an internship with another firm. A few years later, they joined up at the same company and spent the next 10 years growing a small agency to one of the most recognizable names in the country for helping contractors get access to surety bonds.

Outside of work, Josh and Edin are also brothers. Josh married Amela, Edin’s sister in 2013. Edin is the Godfather to Josh’s youngest son, Leo and Josh is the Godfather to Edin’s daughter, Mia.

Let’s Find the Right Bond for you