Bond Request Form

Form Description

This form is required when submitting a bid bond request and or payment and performance bond request. This form helps the surety understand the project better from your perspective. The job cost breakdown and start and completion date can impact the bond approval. 

When is it needed

  • Project Owner Information 
  • Project Contract Price
    • If bidding a project – rough estimate on what you might bid. 
  • Project Start Date 
  • Project Completion Date (Estimated) 
  • List any project warranty 
  • List any Liquidated Damages
  • Estimated Project Profit to be earned
  • List any subcontractors you will use
    • Can they bond back? 

Things To Consider

  • On Bid Bonds the bond estimate should be the potential contract award amount.
    • We understand you wont have your number until the bid date. For this reason give us a rough estimate on the high end. 
  • If you have any subcontractors that can bond back, this could help your bond approval. 
  • Any warranty over 12 months could have a bond surcharge.
    • Any warranty over 2 years could impact the bond approval.