Fast Track Bonds > $750,000

Bond Program Description

Contractors that are infrequent or first time bond users. There are a number of different “Fast Track” programs with various surety markets. Each market has a handful of different underwriting questions. Depending on your underwriting criteria you could get approve for Bonds up to $750,000 single the same day! This program will work for bid bonds or payment bond and performance bond. 

Surety Underwriting Factors

  • Must be in business at least a year and
  • Owners Personal Credit – is over 730 and
  • The largest job completed is over $400K

Things To Consider

  • If owners credit is under 730, complete the bond package that goes up to $500,000 single contract size. 
  • If the largest job completed is under $200,000 in size or the personal credit is under 600 call us or complete the SBA Bond Package. 

Information Needed

  • Two to three page application 

Bond Packages